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  • PCsensor USB Foot Switch Three Pedals

    Three pedals foot switch
    Equivalent to a three-button keyboard or mouse

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Product parameters

    Three pedals foot switch
    Equivalent to a three-button keyboard or mouse

    PCsensor USB Foot Switch Three Pedals FS2020U1 is equivalent to a USB keyborad, which can be defined as any shortcut keys such as single, combination,multimedia key and so on by corresponding software. When you defined the function of the pedal, it can be used in various  operation systems. 

    Optional two types of interior switch

        Mchanical Switch                                      Photoelectric Switch

         (FS2020U1SW)                                               (FS2020U1IR)

    Five Custom Functions

    Mouse function

    Keyboard function

    String function

    Game function

    Multimedia function

    Multiple Applications& Compatiblity

    Expand your body,  ease your hands, brings more convenience to your life.


      Office                                              Game                                      Multimedia

    Mechanical equipment                       Medical Device                                 Push to Talk

    Provide Windows-based key definition setting software.After setting,you can use the device on Windows,DOS,Mac,Linux and Android.

    Anti-interference USB A connector

    USB A connector built-in chip control,improve the anti-interference of the switch,and the length of the line can be customized.The exquisite integrated design using injection mold makes the internal circuit of the product waterproof and moisture-proof.

    Imitation joint design without shaft

    ⁣Shaftless design and anthropomorphic joints make the switch more flexible response and structure simpler.

    Patent No: 2019305680503

    Software download method:

    Please click ->software->FootSwitch->FootSwitch V7.3.5

    Three pedaling methods

    Toe stepping                                Forefoot stepping                         Heel stepping

    Tipoe pedaling and forefoot pedaling are suitable for short-term switching. If you need to use the foot switch for a long time and high frequency, it is recommended to use the heel stepping method.

    Product Parameters

    Name: FS2020U1

    Foot switch Size: 367 * 143 * 45 mm

    Weight: about 429g

    Interface: USB

    Power supply: 5V@15mA

    Life cycle: over 300,000 times

    USB cable length: 2 meters (customizable)

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