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  • PCsensor USB Switching Cable With 6.35mm Audio Jack (female)

    USB switch cable

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USB switch cable


USB switch line, with a 6.35mm audio jack (female) at one end, can be connected to the foot switch of the 6.35mm audio plug. The line length is 1 meter (the line length can be customized according to customer requirements).

It is widely used in games, factory testing, instrument control, disabled people and so on.

It is equivalent to a standard HID USB keyboard and mouse, it can be set by software, to switch is defined as any keys of your keyboard, button combinations, the mouse or a string, use process without other software.

Windows system-based keystroke definition setup software is provided. After setting, you can use it in the following systemsDos ;Win 2000;Win XP; Win vista; Win 7 ;Linux ;Mac

Software interface diagram

Insert the foot pedal switch into the computer USB interface correctly and run Footswitch software. When the window opens, you can see the following interface:

When you want to change the key function, you can use the above software to modify the key function.

1, Plug the device into the USB port;

2, Run the software Footswitch V6.9.1. Exe;

3, Click the corresponding setting window;

4,  Enter the button you want to replace.

5, Click save confirmation.

You can also set any combination key or string.

If it's a Linux or MAC system, you need to modify the key definition in Windows before plugging the switch into Linux or MAC

Go up, run.

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