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Product parameters

    wireless foot switch(one pedal or two pedals)
    Equivalent to mouse or keyboard


    The foot switch can be used to control your computer via the foot pedal. Used for playing games, factory testing, controlling instruments, helping the disabled, etc. You can use it with your hands or feet to increase efficiency. The keys can be customized into keyboard, mouse and other functions, which can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable connection. Users can define keys for keyboard functions, mouse functions, string printing functions, multimedia functions, and Macro definition function. The number or style of pedals can also be customized according to customer requirements.
    Wireless Single Pedal Multi-Function Foot Switch

    Product parameters 

    Product name A one-key bluetooth foot switch
    Product mode FS2016BT1_D
    Bluetooth communication distance  ≥10m
    Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.2
    Power supplyAAA(No.7)*2 battery
    Working current<2mA
    Cable length 2M (the length of the line can be customized)
    Service life of switchMore than one million times 
    Connection method Buetooth/USB

    Keyboard function: It can be set to any key value or key combination (including F13 to F24, etc.), such as the key value A or CTRL+A function.
    Mouse function: It can be set to the left, middle, right, forward, and backward key functions of the mouse, and the movement of the X and Y axes and the up and down scrolling functions of the wheel can also be set.
    String printing: you can set up to 38 characters to print, for example, set 
    Multimedia functions: support multimedia functions, such as previous song, next song, volume up, volume down, etc.
    Macro definition function: you can define the combination of keyboard and mouse actions, for example, set Ctrl+P to delay 100ms and press Enter to realize the function of automatic printing

    Wireless Single Pedal Multi-Function Foot SwitchWireless Single Pedal Multi-Function Foot SwitchHow to connect by Bluetooth
    First, long press the "connect" button for 2 seconds to make the device enter the pairing mode (the red light and the green light flash at the same time in the pairing mode), and turn on the phone or computer Bluetooth function, search for nearby Bluetooth devices, find "FS2016BT1_D" and click to connect, the green light of the device flashes twice when connected Indicates that the connection is successful. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds to shut down the device. To turn it on, just press the ON/OFF button again.
    ware description
    Software download address 
    ownload the latest device to the computer via a USB cable for setting, currently the software only supports Windows system.

    Wireless Single Pedal Multi-Function Foot Switch

    The figure above shows the main interface of the software. Select the corresponding setting window, enter the function key value you want to replace, and then click Save to confirm successfully set.

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