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How to amend your IP( LAN Serial)
source: | author:pcsensor | release time :2021-10-15 | 240 browse times: | Share:

If the IP of your PC and TEMPerLAN are not in the same network segment(eg: your IP : ,TEMPerLAN’s default IP:, then you can't find the device.

What can you do?

(1) When you use it at first time, please make sure that the TEMPerLAN connects to your PC.

(2) Make sure TEMPer_18B20 has been inserted in the corresponding socket of 1 wire correctly.

(3) Switch on the power

(4) Please notice that the default IP of TEMPerLAN has been marked in the casing when it left factory. If you have ever revised TEMPerLAN’s IP but you forget it, please press and hold down the key(IP reset) for one minute. Then it will recover the acquiescent IP(

(5) If your IP and TEMPerLAN’s are not in the same network segment, please revise your IP, make sure that it is same with TEMPerLAN. (Eg: TEMPerLAN IP:, your IP:, change your IP to

(6) Restart the device and run search equipment operation, then you can find it.

(7)After you find the device, revise the device’s IP at the same segment as your IP(revise TEMPerLAN’s IP as by the software of TEMPerLAN. Click menu“device”)

As the picture showed:

(8) Recover your IP again (

(9) Now you can find the device.