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How to modify the COM port number
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1 Wire serial

Scenario 1

Identified the COM port number of your device, I cannot find the COM port number inside the software. What I need?

For example: I've installed the software on Windows XP. When TEMPer1W v1.0.4 starts up it offers me a selection of COM ports to connect to - 0 to 15. However the USB9097 is reported to be on port 25. How do I resolve this?

Solution: Modify the COM port number of the device recognizes. (For example: win7 OS)

1.  Open “Computer Management”


2.  Find “Device Manager”->”Ports(COM &LPT)”->”USB-SERIAL CH340(COM25)”


3.  “USB-SERIAL CH340(COM25)”->”Properties” open


4.  Click “Port settings”, “Advanced”;

5.  Select “COM port Number”, Click “OK”;


6.  Unplug the device, then plug the device. Check whether the port is changed.







Scenario 2

Do you have any example of code that will get information from the probes and write to a file?



Our software products used by the protocol are all Maxim Company.

Probe the inside temperature chip is DS18B20.

USB9097 adapter inside the drive chip is DS2480B.

DS2480B is a 1wire device, all operations are serial operation. You can get help through open the below link: