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How to modify the same network segment in different segments of LAN products
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1W340B failure solution

Failure IAlarm long bright, other is normal, network port light a is long bright and other is a steady flashing;

SolutionThe probe is not plugged in or has been broken, and re-plug, then power on;


Failure IIAlarm long bright, other is normal, network port light are not both bright;


1.       If you reset, it is normal;

2.       If not, this phenomenon is the reset button has been pressed;


Failure IIIThe device all light are normal, but cannot select the device;


1.       The device and your computer LAN may not on the same network, or your computer´s IP is automatically get the best IP address, the best way is modify fixed IP;(Detailed solutions see below)

2.       The device may not perform the reset operation, you must reset, the factory IP is;


The solution of the following applies to all products with a network port  

Scenario Description

My  LAN is not 192.168.1.Xnetwork segment, it  is 192.168.10.X network segment, subnet mask is, gateway is, I bought your product, and want connect to my LAN, how to do?


1.       Connected the device;

2.       Prepare a switch or router and paragraphs cable;

3.       Switch or router energized, the first cable into the Computer´s internet port and switch interfaces, the second cable into the 1W340 device network port and switch interfaces;

4.       Set the computer´s IP for fixed IPand modify the computer´s IP192.168.1.X(X<255, for example192.168.1.28)subnet mask is is192.168.1.1



5.       Open 1W340 softwareselect the device




6.       Select the device successful;




7.       Modify the device gateway192.168.10.1IP address is 192.168.10.XX<255, for example192.168.10.100);


8.       Router or switch is connected to 192.168.10.X the LAN, or connect the device directly to 192.168.10.X LAN switch or router above;

9.       Change the computer´s IP address back the original (for example:, subnet mask is, gateway is

10.   Open 1W340 softwareselect the device


11.   The following picture appears on behalf of your device has been successfully connected to the LAN 192.168.10.X