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How to use the old version of TEMPerLAN
source: | author:pcsensor | release time :2021-10-15 | 150 browse times: | Share:

About the old version of TEMPerLAN

If you have followed the procedure mentioned above, and still can’t amend the device IP,  Maybe you have bought an old version TEMPerLAN, which needs to operate as follow:
1)run the software, click “Device”, and select “set device ipaddress”, (see picture1).

2) delete the “set “.Note: the information you need to select is “set” and space(see picture2)

3) Click “send” , if it is sent successfully, it will show in the empty box(see picture4). Restart is necessary after you amend the device IP.

4) Run the software again. Then you amend the start IP and end IP(see picture5), and click ”save”. Close the software.

5) Run the software again. The problem should have been solved now.