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6. FAQ of TEMPer1K4/TEMPer1K3/TH1000 ISO

USB Thermocouple Series Frequently Questions and Answers:


1.Question:How many kinds of the thermocouple probe? What's the difference?

    Answer: Plug type is divided into three categories: the first category can measure 0 ~ 400 ° C; The second category can measure 0 ~ 1000 ° c. third class can measure 0 ~ 1024 ° C

                  Their appearance is different, the following figure:

                  The first category: plug type, temperature range of 0 ~ 400 ° C

                  The second category: plug type, temperature range of 0 ~ 1000 ° C

                  Third category: terminal type, armoured K type thermocouple probe, 0 ~ 1024 ° C temperature range


2.  Question:How to understand the USB isolation function of thermocouple?

   Answer:Isolation part refers to the function of the probe and the USB part increased isolation, when the probe measures the temperature of high voltage or high current instrument, isolation function can protect our computer.


3.  Question:Can you connect some USB thermocouple to one computer at the same time?

    Answer:No, because we are the same type of thermocouple is the individual, when you are using it, a software corresponds to a device, multiple device into the computer, the computer will not be able to correctly identify the equipment.


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