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1. Shopping Process

1、Search for products
PCsensor provides you with convenient and fast product search function:
(1)You can search the goods you want to buy by entering keywords on the homepage

(2)You can also find the product category you want to buy through the category navigation bar, and find your products according to the category


2、Put it into the shopping cart,click "buy" on the details page of the goods you want to buy, and the goods will be added to your shopping cart; You can also continue to select goods and put them into the shopping cart for settlement together
(1)In the shopping cart, the order quantity of each item is one bu default. If you want to buy more than one item you can modify the purchase quantity
(2)In the shopping cart, you can move items to your collection or choose to delete them
(3)In the shopping cart, you can directly view the discount of goods, the name of goods participating in promotion activities and promotion theme .

(1)The commodity price will be adjusted from time to time, and the sinal price shall be subject to the price in the order after you submit the order

(2)Preferential policies, delivery time and freight collection standards may be adjusted. The final transaction information shall be subject to the latest information published on the website when you submit your order

3、Registration login
(1)Regular customers: Please enter email address or nickname and registration password on the "login" page to log in
(2)New customers"Please complete the registration according to the prompts on the "new user registration" page
4、Fill in consignee information
(1)Please fill in the correct and complete consignee name, consignee contact information, detailed receiving address and postal code, otherwise it will affect the processing or distribution of your order
(2)You can enter"account management-receiving address book" to edit common receiving addresses.After saving successfully, you can choose to use them directly when ordering again
5、Select receiving method

(1)Enconomy International Shipping 

(2)Standard International Shipping

(3)Expedited International Shipping

6、Submit order
(1)After the information is verified to be correct, please click"submit order‘, and the system generates an order number, which indicates that you have successfully submitted the order
(2)After the order is submitted successfully, you can log in to "my order" to view the order information or make online payment for the order

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