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Old type Dx sensor’ VCC and GND positional opposite problem

The temperature sensor of TEMPerLAN and USB9097 sensors

At present, the order of 3.5 mm audio plug of USB9097 is GND DATA VCC (from the tip of plug), but the marking on the casing is incorrect. Please note it.
The order of 3.5mm Audio plug of TEMPerLAN is VCC data GND (from the tip of plug)
So the sensor of USB9097 and TEMPerLAN which have forwarded are incompatible. If you want they can be compatible, you need to adjust the annexation of plugs of the wire. You can change by yourselves or contact us. We can offer extension cable to achieve their compatibility.
Of course, we will update it and achieve their compatibility in the future, and the order of sensors will be VCC data GND in standard format.
(The friend who have bought the two kind of product please note it, and we very sorry for our carelessness.)