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8. 1Wire(USB9097) Series Frequently Questions and Answers

1Wire(USB9097) Series Frequently Questions and Answers:


1.Question:Wire series products can take more than eight probe? If not, if there are other alternatives.

    Answer: In order to ensure the stability of the measurement, we suggest clients to connect only eight probe. More than 8 probe, It will appears unstable phenomenon. If you need more than eight probe measurement environment, you can choose our LAN series products


2.  Question:How long isThe Dx probe (18B20 probe) line? Whether can be customized different line length?

   Answer:Dx probe (18 b20 probe) line length is 1m. Considering the problems of the stability of measurement, and we don't recommend customers customized different line long probe.


3.  Question:1 wire series products, Different parts of different type configuration.. Is there a standard connection diagram.

    Answer:1 wire series, different types of products in the probe configuration, extension cord, audio adapter plate, etc. Customers can freely combine collocation according to the needs of their respective measurement. In the absence of provisions in a connection diagram.


4.  Question:The shell shape of USB9097 converter and Net16 adapter are the same. can we exchange the connecting probe

    Answer:USB9097 connect only DX probe. Net 16 adapter only can connect TX probe and HX probe.


5.  Question:How to use the product number to identify the number of the probe and the probe model?

    Answer:For example: 1W_D4 and 1W_D2  D on behalf of probe models: DX probe 2 and 4 represent the number of 2pcs and 4 pcs


6.  Question:Dx probe with a label of DS18B20.When connecting multiple DX probe, software how to identify them?

    Answer:DX probe use the United States ‘s MAXIM chip. Each chip corresponding to a fixed ID address. This ID address will be displayed in your software. When you insert multiple probes can effectively distinguish it.


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