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4. USB Thermometer Series FAQ

1.Question: Whether the same computer can connect some USB thermometers at the same time?

    Answer: NO. Because the same type thermometer is a individual. when you are using it. A software corresponds to a device. If some devices are connected  into the computer, the computer will not be able to correctly identify the equipment.


2.  Question:As to the series of USB thermometer and hygrometer, Whether can use 5-10 meters USB cable to extend The measured distance.Does it effect the measuring result?

    Answer:There is no problem in principle.if you want to use the 5-10 meters USB cable. please ensure the quality of the cable.when you transfer too much data with the pool line.May be it will happens


3.  Question:How to use the TEMper232U and TEMperHUM232 on Linux?

    Answer:We can offer the serial port instructions,After customers use the instructions to operate and program the can works on Linux.


4.  Question: DLL secondary development files contain what? How about the price? Where to buy?

   Answer:We provide the secondary development of documents is to use C# programming, doesn’t provide other programming language. File just tell you how to get to the temperature  value. Don't offer anything else.The sales price is $15 / copy.After the success of the payment, we will directly sent the DLL file by mail. Note: different types of products have different DLL file, please confirm with the salesman before buying. (note: not all products have a DLL, so before buying, please consult customer service)

Note: If you can normal operating the Demo file , Prove our DLL file is good !  if your program cannot operating , you need to check your own program . we just sell and ensure the DLL is normal , we are not responsible for other things !


5.  Question:How long is the Probe line of TEMPer1,TEMPer2,TEMPerNTC?Whether it can customized the different length line?

    Answer:Currently, TEMPer1 and TEMPerNTC and older TEMPer2 probe line length is 1 meter standard. The new TEMPer2 probe line length can be customized 1 m and 2 m. If you have special request, please contact us before buying.

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