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3. USB Thermometer

                                          Method to solve Server issues

Step one:

   first:make sure your computer install the software of .NET framework 3.5(you need not install if your OS beyond WIN7).

Step two:

   make sure your computer install the software of Windows Media Player 11(Server Cumputer don't install this soft)

[method to install Windows Media:

Windows Server 2008 have this software,but OS does not install,you need not to download,just install soft in your computer Service manager

2. click 'function' →  'add function'

3.make sure you have switch the checkedbox that named 'Desktop Experience' and 'Quality Windows audio video experience' the button 'install'.

5.the soft will run normal after install you need restart computer.]


Step 3(if still not run )

register ocx

1.Copy the file named TeeChat5.ocx that under the software installation directory,and Paste to disk C.

2.Run the command prompt as Administrator.

3. write 'Regsvr32 C:TeeChat5.ocx' ,press Enter.

4.Prompt for success.

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