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FootSwitch-7.3.9[US] [HongKong] [ShenZhen]2022-06-22
  1.  When connecting a bluetooth device, add a description of "connecting the device to the computer via bluetooth" and a button to open the system bluetooth settings

  2. When no device is connected, add the description of "The software only supports USB-connected device setting"

  3. Refresh key setting display when switching setting tabs

  4. The language when the program is run for the first time depends on the system language, after which the language of choice is used

  5. Update some English translations

  6. Fix FS2020P one-key open function setting and switch interface mode bug

  7. When the device is the default model, the device model can be manually selected

FootSwitch-[US] [HongKong] [ShenZhen]2022-05-06Fix the bug of incomplete display of multiple devices of the same model
[US] [HongKong] [ShenZhen]2022-04-15
  1. Support MK321U v1.4 or higher setting one click open directory or url (need FootSwitch keep running)

  2. Recognize FS17G, FS20G, MK321G, MK321BT and MK321-Pro

[US] [HongKong] [ShenZhen]2022-03-29
  1. If .NET Framework 4.0 is not installed, the installer will prompt to download

  2. Show MK321 v1.3 or higher 3 functional layers

  3. Support MK321 v1.3 or higher setting left mouse button double click or triple click

  4. Recognize FS22, FS23 series devices

2022-01-17Fix calibration sometimes fails and can't found device that do not support macro.
FootSwitch- macro function and key trigger mode settings for MK321.
FootSwitch-7.3.5 new devices FS2017HM, FS2020HM and MK321.

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