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USB Thermograph Series Frequently Questions and Answers:


1.Question:how to identify the new temperature recorder has enough power?

    Answer: You can connect the device to your computer, and then through our software can check the battery.


2.  Question:The TEMPerA, TEMPerB, TEMPer8K be used can be placed in the freezer or fridge?

    Answer:The TEMPerA, TEMPerB, TEMPer8K be used can be placed in the freezer or fridge?Reduce moisture penetrating the circuit inside the body, prolong the life of products. If you need long time measurement, suggest to buy our late TEMPerD and high coefficient of new products.


3.  Question:TEMPerB can be put into  the 85 ~ 100 ° C environment  directly? The built-in battery and wire can withstand how many degrees of high temperature?

    Answer:NO .electronic components and battery have used temperature limits, if the temperature is too high may lead to the damage of component .Finally.the equipment Can’t be used properlyThe Ordinary lithium battery and wire working environment temperature is about 20  ~ + 60 , exceeding the range, the equipment’s performance will decline or can’tbe used.


4.  Question:How to deal with the enough electricity of the temperature recorder can’t be offline recording?

   Answer:First connect the device into the computer, open software, and then view the real-time data.if  it’s normal, it shows that equipment is ok. If offline records, the red light on the device is not flashing, illustrating the built-in battery has a problem, you need to send it back to the factory processing. (if you are able to use equipment correctly)