TEMPerX232 Secondary Development document_English

COM Configuration:
     Mode:       ASCII
         Baud Rate:  9600bps
         Data Bit:   8
         Parity Bit: None
         Stop Bit:   1
Reading temperature and humidity:
        PC send command:ReadTemp
    PC response data:type:xx.xx [C],xx.xx [%RH]<

    type:    "Temp-Inner"    
             "unknow!"  No type identified  
        Attention:xx.xx represent for value

Reading calibration:
    PC send command:ReadCalib
    PC response data:type-Calib:xx.x [C],xx.x [%RH]<
    type:    "Inner"    
             "unknow!"  No type identified 
Setting calibration:
    PC send command:SetCalib-type:xx.x,xx.x>
    PC response data:Setting successful  type:OK,OK

                          Error:              type:ERROR,ERROR

    type:    "Inner"    
    notes:For example:SetCalib-Inner:1.0,1.1>  Calibration value is -10.0~10.0

Reading probe type:
    PC send command: ReadType
    PC response data: Type:type

    type:     "Inner-H2"

Reading temperaure alarm value:
    PC send command:ReadAlert-Temp
    PC response data:TempUpperAlert-Inner:xx.xx [C]   TempLowerAlert-Inner:xx.xx [C]
                  TempUpperAlert-Outer:xx.xx [C]   TempLowerAlert-Outer:xx.xx [C]

Setting temperaure alarm value:
    PC send command:SetTempUpperAlert-type:xx.xx>
    type:  "Inner"

    PC response data:Setting successful OK
                 Setting fail       ERROR

    notes:the range of inner temperature alarm value is -40.00 ~ 85.00[C],the range of outer temperature alarm value is -4.00~125.00[C]

Reading humidity alarm value:
    PC send command:ReadAlert-Hum
    PC response data:HumUpperAlert-Inner:xx.xx [%RH]   HumLowerAlert-Inner:xx.xx [%RH]
                 HumUpperAlert-Outer:xx.xx [%RH]   HumLowerAlert-Outer:xx.xx [%RH]

Setting humidity alarm value:
    PC send command:SetHumUpperAlert-type:xx.xx>
    type:  "Inner"

    PC response data:Setting successful OK
                  Setting fail       ERROR

    notes:the range of humidity alarm value is 00.00 ~ 99.00[%RH]

Setting temperature pattern:
    PC send command:SetMode-Temp:x>    
    PC response data:successful OK
                  fail       ERROR
    notes:x=0 means select degrees Celsius pattern  x=1 means select Fahrenheit degree pattern

Reading temperature pattern
    PC send command:ReadMode-Temp   
    PC response data:TempMode:type

Reading version:
    PC Send command:Version
    PC response data:TemperX232_V1.8

Clear calibration and alarm value:
    PC send command:EraseFlash
    PC response data:OK

Help command:Help or?