USB Foot Switch Single Pedal Custom Shortcut Key Combination Key for Page Turner DAW Fortnite League of Legends Transcription


Product Code: FS2007U1

Manufacturer: PCsensor

Stock Level: 997

1 Parameters

Product Model:FS2007U1IR / FS2007U1SW
Product Size:71*100*34mm
Product Interface:USB
Switch Type: optional Photoelectric Silent Switch or Mechanical Contact Switch
USB Cable Length: 2 meters (customizable)


Comparison Size of Single Pedal

fs1_p usb foot switchfs2007 usb foot switchfs2019 metal foot switch
       FS1_P(ABS)                                 FS2007(ABS)                                             FS2019(Metal)
fs2017 usb foot switch2017tu1ir foot switch
               FS2017(ABS)                                         FS2017TU1IR(ABS)

fs2016 usb foot pedal
         FS2016(ABS) (USB/Bluetooth)

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