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USB to RS485 / UART Converter Isolatable (USB 485)

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Manufacturer: PCsensor

Stock Level: 998

Product Information




USB485 is a converter of USB to RS485 and UART interface, it can isolate USB from RS485 or UART by photo couple.  When plug it to USB, you can show a serial port in PC. Maybe is com2, com3….

2. Photos

                    Picture1 USB 485_Body

                     Picture 2  USB 485 _front



               Picture 3  USB 485_all part

                     Picture4 USB 485_Power

 (About the Power supply  type , If you have special request , please let me know .)

3.Application Diagram:


4. Warming:  If the device or RS485 net have high voltage, or very hard electromagnetic interference, you need to run in isolation mode.

5. Features:

a) Number of transmitters on bus, 32~128,  it use MAX487, please going to to download MAX 487 data sheet.
b) Isolation data : TXD, RXD , DTR, by photo couple, it is isolate USB from RS485 or UART. RS485 Power: 5~8VDC, central is anode.
c) c)Power : 5V<30mA
d) OS :
USB485 have 2 type :
            i. USB485_341,
               1. Windows , Linux support ,
               2. One PC can connect USB485 Greater than 1 ;
               3. Rate: 50bps~2Mbps ;
           ii. USB485_2102,
               1. Windows, Linux ,MAC support,
               2. One PC only connect one USB 485, more data please search IC CP2102 data sheet.
          iii. Rate: 300bps-1M bps;
          iv. Send data can auto mode or DTR control mode by jumper.
           v. RS485 interface: GND, A, B ,VDD

6. Packing list

 (Weight of iso USB485 : 150g)


Note: If you want to download the latest software, please click here




Product Code: USB485

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