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Net TEMPer16 and Net TEMPerHUM16 Series Frequently Questions and Answers:


1.Question:What’s the difference between NET TEMper 16 and NET TEMperHUM16?

    Answer: NET TEMPer16 series -- - can only measures temperature, can take at most eight temperature measuring probe. If you want to measure the temperature of the more than eight points, we recommend to use the LAN series products.

                        NET TEMPerHUM16 series - can simultaneously measure temperature and humidity. Can take at most four temperature and humidity sensor. If you want to measure the temperature of the more than four points, we recommend using 1W340C series and 1 W340D series products


2.  Question:Net TEMPer16 series and.NET TEMPerHUM16 series can freely combine configuration of accessories?

   Answer:Yes, the customer can according to your requirements freely combine.


3.  Question:What the connecting model probe of Net TEMPer16 series and.Net TEMPerHUM16 series What's the difference?

    Answer:Net TEMPer16 series connection is TX probe, each TX on the probe with a serial number (from 0 ~ 7), TX probe can only  measures temperature. It’s waterproof.

                       Net TEMPerHUM16 series connection is HX probe, each on HX probe with a serial number (from 0 ~ 7), HX probe can measure temperature and humidity at the same time. HX probe is not waterproof.